NYC Yarn Crawl 2015

I had briefly heard of the NYC yarn crawl last year, but didn’t think much of it. This year, I carefully followed their website to see what kinds of promotions and deals were to be had. I was happy to see that the best promotion was offered by the yarn store closest to my work – Annie & Co. I’d been inside Annie & Co., but their yarns are a bit too expensive for me. When I saw that for NYC Yarn Crawl they’d be offering 20% off their entire store, I HAD to go.

I went on my lunch break today looking specifically for yarn to use in my next project. Here’s what I found:

I was looking for something with Alpaca, and Elizabeth, one of the staff members, recommended Berroco Ultra Alpaca as the most cost-effective option. It’s 50% alpaca and 50% wool. I had a really hard time picking a color, but settled with this burgundy-ish purple-pink color. There were so many nice yarns there.. I think I am eventually going to have to switch over from Michael’s-grade yarn to Local Yarn Store (LYS)-grade yarn! All in good time..

I have never knit with “high quality” natural fibers before so am super excited and nervous! I hope I don’t have too many fails on this next project. Curious what it is?? ( ;

happy [mediocre] crafting!



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