Purl Bee’s Stitch Block Cowl

When I saw this pattern on Purl Bee, I knew I HAD to have this scarf. I loved the unique stitches that I’ve never seen before. Of course, I couldn’t afford the yarn* so bought an alternative cheaper man-made yarn. I think it came out very nicely! It took me about a month and a half and only two fails. I’m impressed with myself.

>>>materials > >
Purl Bee (click here for free pattern)
Yarn: Martha Stewarts Crafts Lion Brand Yarn Collection – Extra Soft Wool Blend (colors: Flamingo, Gerbera Daisy, and Petal Pink)
Needles: US #7 x 24″ circular needle

Here are some close-ups of the three different stitch types:

English Rose Tweed:

English Rose TweedChecked Rose Fabric:Checked Rose FabricRambler:Rambler>>>the FAILS > >
Fail 1: The section made of the “Rambler” pattern is slightly wider than the rest of the cowl.
Fail 2: I found this random spot of wrong-side stitches. I don’t know what happened?? *($19.50 per skein x 4) + $23.20 = $101.20; WHAT?? I’m sure the yarn is very nice, but I just can’t justify spending that kind of money on yarn..



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